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Contact Information

Contact Information


Cat McCulley

Email: catherine.mcculley@lockhart.txed.net

Cell# (512)738-0270

Office# (512) 398-0432

Contact  for the following:

~High School Boys Medical Paperwork


Kyle Kratzenberg

Email: kyle.kratzenberg@lockhart.txed.net

Cell# (512) 227-7122

Office# (512) 398-0350

Contact  for the following:

~High School Girls Medical Paperwork


Veronica Alejo-Waits

Email: veronica.alejo-waits@lockhart.txed.net

Cell# (512) 227-5640

Office# (512) 398-0860

Contact Veronica Alejo-Waits for the following:

~ All Junior High Boys and Girls Paperwork